Tuesday, October 30, 2007

CokskiBlue Contest: uBlog, iVlog: “Pinoy Vlogging”

ok another contest from a pinoy vlogger,
now again im joining to make an article about "Pinoy Vlogging in the Philippine Context" :)
i thought that its only for vloggers...but its clearly says:
UPDATE! This blogging project is NOT EXCLUSIVE TO VIDEO BLOGS. You can write an article, record a podcast, do a vlog, or any permutation of the three.
[to read the rest of the ThisIsCoy's guidelines click here]

so these day,ill think what article i will make for that contest something :)
its hard to think mostly you will make a unique article about philippines.i join this project because its just part of my blog exposure,hope you understand me ^_^

oh by the way...at my next post [i don't know when] ill have some pics/photography for that article :D hope you like it!

Rant: Envy...why!!!

i totally envy people around me and mostly at net...
why? on our neighbor i always hear the "Pokémon D/P Episodes" that they borrow from my friend so since i do not have a television and the pokemon d/p episodes is DVD format and i dont have a "DVD Rom" to my personal computer...

next...i was sufing then i saw the site[mutiply.com] one of the staff's albums from their "Pokémon TCG Legue Tournament"
why? i always see one of my the item i envy,a deck of a "Pokemon TCG Cards & Nintendo DS" darn it!

i think these days is full of Palanges...but the worst is i was blessed to have envy with others and i don't wanna covet it T_T i only say to my self "Than-than...you have time to get something"

i'd been trying to wake-up and i accept what life i have so now im crying when can my dreams come true :(

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A small change...

here...a big thanks to our Manager/Vocalist for giving me inspiration and trying me to be cheerful during & after practice :) so a little change to my banner and changing my quote
"Life is full of choices" i was very inspired about what he says lols.
so if you want to have my banner,so heres my banner...just click and download first before you apply it to your site/blog.
i would appreciate it if you use it...free to use,just don't forget to linkback

Friday, October 26, 2007

Having my next duty...

i just finished posting my blog about our gig,since next week is our "SemBreak" now im trying my self to have some rest & relaxation within one week.
about "PinoyBlogero's Oct. Pinoy Blog Contest" i wanna know how many blogger who votes me because since my last visit on PinoyBlogero.com i only have [1]one votes from my former classmate...lols

now a week after,i don't wanna know what is the result for my votes *because i expect that i still on for one vote out of 20+ voters* but i thank to my self for having enjoying blogging thru blogospere :)

next,about our band...
this day i just finished making our official website,as usual,this site will contain about our Gigs,Perform,Composes/Musics and etc.
but this site is still for maintenance due from our musics *we didn't still having our recording...*
We will have a girl vocalist on Sunday for audition,then on November,our next destination at the Queson City,Philippines :)

Off-Site Links:
Null 'n Void Official Website

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our first GIG at the bar...

AL's Bar at Parañaque City,Philippines
i was really wasted after our band performance ^_^
but its successful that we made our audiences applause!
so let me introduce the members of the "Null & Void"

i took this video before we off go to the Bar *The AL'S Bar*

Now at the Bar....

10 pm now...since where the first will perform,i did feel nothing but the one of our bandmates are not in a good condition,so i decided to make him calm :) *the drummer because this is his second performance on the stage*

being a bassist,i was very disappointed and uncomfortable to my place being a bassist because i am not really playing a base guitar and i am on only at Rhythms *how sad*
but now,im trying to make straight forward still being a bassist...even though nobody likes my plaques and strums what im supporting for my band.

them after our perform...where off for foods yay!
while we are eating,we are watching the other bands to perform specially at "Lich" & "Love Commercial"
a big thanks for my self that i bought some "baon" rice because i know that their rice meal are too expensive!
i was enjoyed eating matching Beer and Viant ^_^ mostly at their french fries...thenks for Ate Girlie & Kuya Edward for their foods they buy,even its very expensive.
sorry if i dont have any pics from our performance but you can visit our friendster profile and have some sneak peek.

Wanna know for the next gigs?
visit AL's Bar Official Site...and by the way,since i promised to my bandmates that after the gig,ill make our official site for us so you can stay in touch about our next gigs and composes :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rain never stops?

early morning,i was wearing my school uniform...
then suddenly...a hear a rain fall, so i start to prepare my big handkerchief for my protection *god! my umbrella is missing!*
until in the afternoon, the rain didn't stop and i noticed that at my view from the classroom window, i saw thick fogs and dark clouds blocking the sunlight...
when i go home, i took a picture in our street :)

Yay! our fish food for koyi!

a big thanks for mom that now she bought a fish food to our pet fish koi name "Koyi"

we fed this fish with a cooked rice since the his original food was missing *since 2 months ago* so me,my sister and our fish eats happily ever after!

...this month October,now we celebrate his 1st year living to us.
"Long live koyi!"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Amaze with Michael Angelo & Vadrum

Michael Angelo is now the part of my favorite guitar masters ^^
so i saw his solo performance...i know the other will never believe if they watch this...
lets me share about this videos:
Michael Angelo Batio Double-Guitar Solo

Im sure the video is too tricky but you can se at the 2:00mins its obvious that its not a trick...he plays serious with his double-guitar.

Vadrum meets Super Mario (Drum Video)

For those Nintendo Gamers mostly at Mario Player...i mostly love "Vadrum" and his drum solo :)

a big thanks for "Masato" from his video who contributed *Michael Angelo's Video*

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Examination...

After our examination...
Wednesday-Friday,our day of examination...i have two subjects that i will expect are failed T_T the Home Economics & Chemistry,
its very hard mostly at chemistry *hate it!* so im trying to focus that subject because chemistry is my lowest grade from my whole subjects,the most sad of...all of my subjects pulled-down because i did not attend to our field trip *20% included to our exams* im hoping still that they will check my
answers from the question about the field trip...
"Why does the single survival demonstration is very important" and this "Give 10 animals that can saw at the Zoobic Zafari..."

iPhone or Blackberry Pearl *The Examination*
...i just noticed that the iPhone has a rival called Blackberry Pearl so lets have some examination what are the differences between them, i was dreaming that i can have one of them so heres their specs:

Blackberry Pearl:
  • Wireless email
  • Organizer
  • Browser
  • Phone
  • Camera
  • Video Recording
  • BlackBerry® Maps
  • Media player
  • Corporate data access 1
  • SMS
  • MMS 1
  • GPS

The BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8130 smartphone is designed to help you do everything you want with your life. It comes complete with advanced phone features, multimedia, digital camera, video recording, built-in GPS* and expandable memory.

And it offers the full BlackBerry experience — email, browser, text messaging (SMS and MMS), instant messaging, organizer applications and more. Small, smart and stylish.

Apple iPhone:
  • iPod Music & Video
  • Internet Browsing(Safari,Mail,Maps,Widgets,Youtube)
  • Phone
  • SMS
iPhone features a rich HTML email client and Safari — the most advanced web browser ever on a portable device — which automatically syncs bookmarks from your PC or Mac. Safari also includes built-in Google and Yahoo! search. iPhone is fully multi-tasking, so you can read a web page while downloading your email in the background over Wi-Fi or EDGE.

Author's Comment:
i love both!
but i mostly choose at iPhone, because of their downloadable musics *iPhod*
the sad is...it doesn't built with camera T_T

[Infos/Specs got from apple.com & blackberry.com]

Vote for my blog!
now im finish for downloading the "Vote my blog" badge...i just want to know all readers about this,i know that my personal sharing blog is not easy to be popular & to prosper.
i join to this contest is not for my own purpose,i want to know all blogger about my life & thoughts so if im a desirable blogger you can vote my blog here >> PinoyBloggero.com
*i want to claim that USB Flash Drive!*

thanks to the sponsors for the contest

Friday, October 12, 2007

Just a past time...

yeah the day of our field trip...3:00 am i woke up because of our school service,i was very sad because i didn't join the field trip...so that day i was thinking what i can do for the whole day?
in the after noon me,family and my friend of my mom went to the mall *to have some groceries* while where in the mall,me and my friend machan went to a Guitar Store...theres a lot of electric guitars! and my favorite "Ibanes Guitar" we bought one set of acoustic guitar string & picks,and specially thanks to machan who treat me ^_^ next destination is the Comic Alley,i bought some metallic stickers *of course the images of pokemons :)* and the bleach logo i put it on my pick.

whew...i thought that my whole day will be full of boredom :) by the way,we went also at the arcade...and won ten tokens but it quickly disappears *hehehe we bet all tokens for the slots* but we've enjoyed!
so here i catch a picture from my new "Metal Pick & Acoustic Guitar Strings" whoooo! i can play again my guitar with a nicer strings...
evening,i saw our service arrived from school,hahaha i know on monday ill be quiet as a doll because of the all day topic is about their field trip...so on our 2nd periodical examination,i must make all of my subjects perfect because it will be the part of the examination :( but its ok...id been enjoyed also at the mall!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What i will do for tommorow...

our english/values play will be held at october 9,tuesday :) again i will be the leader for our group *why i should be the leader...* the story of your play is about the "workers" im very full of ideas but one of my members introduced her script *yes i accepted* a big thanks for my classmate because im very lazy to make a script ^_^
then week ends i gave a copy for my members to memorize it then on monday we will start to practice the drama...lols we got only one day to practice! then the day for the practice,then tomorrow,we made it successfully *of course with a sorts of mistakes*
this is my second time to be a leader for a play...our first play in values,my group got the first place :) even we only practice it within one day hahaha *remember! our script are very long* then recently i bet in our second play got again the first play *because my members are almost one of the top ten students in our class,specially our top one!*

What i will do for tommorow...
before i post this a lovely "general cleaning " for my lovely pc ^_^ i you have some olds parts from our pc,im here to take it!
so here...when i was cleaning my CPU im thinking what i should do for tommorow? since its our field trip tommorow we decided not to go to the field trip *no money to pay* i know that im very bored in our house we dont have television,my mom uses the pc all day,i dont have friends in our place *hate their traits!* i cannot play the guitar all day T_T and i cannot go to my classmates because their all out for feld trip...
...what if i go to the nearest mall and have some "window shopping..." how sad am i T_T
a review for GAIA Online Community,i always see this from ads and sponsors...
i recently noticed that gaia is built in web-paged game so i immediately register to this site and plasy ^_^ i meet many pinoy users at the barton town...well i enjoyed because their games are very enjoyable and you will not feel any boredom fishing,puzzle,word bump,racing,slots & card game!
and their are many updates & released fashion item and mostly i like their cinema!
Click here for to visit Gaia Online!

Friday, October 5, 2007

New graphics for all :)

i made a new graphic to apply it for my site...
  • The "Subscribe Feeds to your toolbar"
  • and "Feed me at FeedBurner"
it takes me an hour to finish *even its cheap* i gathered all images i may use for my work so it takes a minute to find some images to use with...even its cheap,now i got more experience to use photoshop*CS2*
btw,the grphics i made are free to use :) just dont forget my link back!

...speaking of photoshop,a simple review Photoshop CS3 searched it from adobe.com now a powerful enhancing software make your graphics,jpegs,photos more fantastic lols,heres more features
  • Smart Filters
  • Quick Selection and Refine Edge tools
  • Advanced compositing
  • Streamlined interface
  • Better raw image processing
  • Improved Adobe Bridge
  • Enhanced Vanishing Point
  • Enhanced 32-bit HDR support
  • Peak performance
  • Black-and-white conversion
...so any something to say? heres the video

Random Post:
for our field trip...we need to wear some clothes/things for our field trip,at the second year students,they will wear black custom printed t-shirts,then for us is "rounded-pin/badge" so i want to participate to make a custom design...

a big sorry for anito kid,because i steal his pinoy logo...T_T apology...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I wanna answer this...

when me and my classmates where having some discussions so some of my classmates are asking this...so i just wanna answer it.

"...Why do we need to learn some subjects that we never need at collage?"

yeah right...why do we need to learn about history but we will not bring those knowledge in collage?
i just stop in a minute and think...so we need to learn about history that should know how do our civilization evolved and many years past,i realized that filipino fights the spaniards and the japanese is for our freedom and we must know how do our ancestors cooperate for freedom.


"Whooo! tommorow its saturday again!...how the days are too fast"
"...tan,malapit nanaman exam...nakaka-asar,panibagong review ulit...ang bilis talalaga ng araw T_T"

...why does this these days are now fast?
because we still remember the past so we thought that the time is very fast,but the others are very bored and they thought that the one hour is too long,because they did not do any activities for past time or at school,they are not interested to the topic/lesson...

those ideas i answered are came from my head and it takes me a weeks to think about that...lols!