Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I wanna answer this...

when me and my classmates where having some discussions so some of my classmates are asking this...so i just wanna answer it.

"...Why do we need to learn some subjects that we never need at collage?"

yeah right...why do we need to learn about history but we will not bring those knowledge in collage?
i just stop in a minute and think...so we need to learn about history that should know how do our civilization evolved and many years past,i realized that filipino fights the spaniards and the japanese is for our freedom and we must know how do our ancestors cooperate for freedom.


"Whooo! tommorow its saturday again!...how the days are too fast"
"...tan,malapit nanaman exam...nakaka-asar,panibagong review ulit...ang bilis talalaga ng araw T_T"

...why does this these days are now fast?
because we still remember the past so we thought that the time is very fast,but the others are very bored and they thought that the one hour is too long,because they did not do any activities for past time or at school,they are not interested to the topic/lesson...

those ideas i answered are came from my head and it takes me a weeks to think about that...lols!

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