Friday, November 30, 2007

The Album *Love Commercial*

Love Commercial, our one and only relative band :) so let me share their "[sample] album" they made...
i really like their skills in making an album mostly at the cover & design ^_^ so i will rate their album 8.7/10. hmmm the inside music is ok but the voice is the problem [kuya raymond] can't hear, not really...ok if you want to hear their songs just visit their Myspace/Love Commercial hope you like it!

The Staffs:
actually their drummer & the bassist made their album.
-Drums [Graphic Designing]
Glen - Bassist [Sounds]
Raymond - Guitar/Vocals
Romeo - Lead

Author's Comment
a big thanks for them for the supports...specially in the intruments what we need lols...
kuya jimmy, i envy your for the excellent skills in graphic designing and kuya glen at the bass skills ^_^

[more image album? click meh!]

Sunday, November 25, 2007

PokeCraze at Philippines

now in Philippines, theres a lot of new Pokémon Stuffs are on for selling!
"those items are really expensive so i cannot afford any one of them lols..."

Pokémon Omnibus, Pokemon Gashapons, Pokémon Gacha, Pokemon TFG: Ground Breakers, and etc...

more pokemon fans are trying to prepare their money to collect those newly items here in our country ^_^ mostly at the TCG Players are saving their money for the new Pokémon TCG: Secret Wonders Deck.

for me, im so happy for that but the sad is where i can find some money to buy my precious "wanna-items" i don't have allowance to save with T__T i only have PHP100 at my wallet to save it for my whole year school projects, i have PHP300 from my ATM to buy my grooming items *oh my pimples* specially the personals (>_<) darn it! ok...back again, i noticed that some PKMN-ph Staffs are on for the newly items, so heres their articles:

"... And just when you thought that my last post was the end of my MAJOR Pokemon stuff update... there's more!!! Very Happy

I've spotted Pokemon T-shirts in the SM Marilao Department Store (Anyone from Bulacan or frequents Bulacan often, like me?!), in the Character Shop section, of course. They're 180-200 pesos each. Unfortunately, the shirts are, as expected, kiddie-sized. I'm guessing the sizes are for 8-12 year old boys... Sorry, female Pokefans, I didn't see any pink or girly Pokemon T-shirts. BTW, they are all Ash, Pikachu or Ash and Pikachu designs.

There's another kind of Pokemon Gashapon in SM Marilao's Toy Kingdom. Based from the poster in front of the capsule machine, this Gashapon rolls out translucent keychains that can be lighted up. Pokemon designs available are Pikachu, Palkia, Croagunk, Piplup and some 2 or 4 others I cannot remember. You need 2 tokens, or 100 pesos, to purchase one of these.

So, there are at least 4 kinds (these does not include variations) of Pokemon Gashapons in the Philippines, namely the "connect-the-figure", keychain with Pokeball, transclucent keychain and digital watch/ keychain. Of course, there are shirts arpund as well. Let's hope stores start selling sizes for the older audience."


PokéCollecting by: PKMN-ph Reniel


The Day of Results...

Our Report Card has been heres my school results in our 2nd Quarter [with the previews grading,the 1st Quarter]
Subject: Previews Grade - Recent Grade
Filipino: 81 - 81
English: 85 - 84
Mathematics: 81 - 82
Chemistry: 79 - 80
MAKABAYAN: 84 - 84
*AP/History: 82 - 84
*MAPEH: 82 - 84
*TLE/Computer: 83 - 80
*Values: 90 - 86

Author's Comment:
Still maintaining to my band...suddenly my over all points decreased by one point *sobs* because i didn't attend to our field trip,i made my subjects more getting up but i don't know in Chemistry *hate it!* >_< about my TLE/Computer, my grades pulling down because of the TLE subject i can't put it up because we don't have computer subject.

uBlog, iVlog Contest Results:
so heres the winner for the contest chosen by Sir.Coy - Sir.Ederic Eder & Gibbs Cadiz
then the best post is Sir.Manuel Viloria and the Winner is Joe Datinguinoo

^_^ their blogs are really good :) about the Best Post *Sir.Manuel Viloria* its very simple and dimpled lols...

me? uhm...yep! you didn't see my name but i really appreciate my post entry for the contest,i call my friends to help me about the video *from my last entry* so a big thanks to them, actually our video is just for fun lols.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Warning!: New Virus scatters at your Messenger

Morning, my mom uses the PC *chatting at YM* so when i woke up,mom ask about this problem.
While shes chatting with her friends,it automatically sends a file that can make your PC also infected, i knew that it quickly grows & scatters all over the Y!Chat Server.

How does it works?
  • It will blocks all "Virus" related names such as conversation in forums,anti-virus site and even your anti-virus protection...[it closes automatically]
  • It will corrupts your Yahoo Messenger- automatically sends file to your friends [if they pm's you]
i bet that, a filipino made this programm to do nothing but make you interrupt your enjoyment in chatting.

The Virus:
  • Automatically replies a message ["open dis,nakakatawa ito"] and edits you status message ["sino gusto ng funny UST scandal,pm nyo ito"]
  • You can get this in Victim's PM >> File Transfer to Yahoo Messenger(You)
  • Its not easy to delete this file because even its in the Recycle Bin or Virus Vault, it cames back to its location
i just finished downloading my new anti-virus to eliminate this f****** virus,but its useless...because while your installing your new anti-virus,the virus will stop it from installing :(

so a simple warning to all Yahoo Chatters...if your friend sends you a File then you saw the icon [above image] try to avoid accepting it~

Monday, November 19, 2007

Pokémon-PH *The Re-Open*

Months past...again for Micael, he re-opened the one of my favorite site, The Pokémon-PH

"Micael returns with Pokémon-PH" one if his post at the fan site makes me again to have more UPDATES in Pokemon Philippines. Another in PKMN-ph [co-fansite of pokemon] still also running for forums & few updates.

~heres Micael promise to work again for millions of Filipino Pokemon Kids/Fans

"I promise you, the reader, that you'd learn a lot of new things about Pokémon in the Philippines if you'd read every post I make in this site.

This site is for:

  • Parents wanting to know more about Pokémon
  • Fans who know little about Pokémon
  • Fans who think they know everything about Pokémon

TCG, Anime, Video Games, Events, etc. If it's about Pokémon in the Philippines, I'd write about it.

My name is Micael. I exist and am a real person (check attachment). I may be the extreme definition of a Pokémon fan but am proud of it. This is my unofficial site about Pokémon. Our journey begins again."

Author's Comment:
i love this site for giving me updates what happen in Pokémon Philippines.

~welcome back Sir.Micael

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Birthday friend~ the celebration

a special greetings for our special vocalist...*appause*
i know the vocalist [kuya edward] and the musicians have a long gap between of them :) but he is the special member of our band *tears* we have some jamming sessions and "inuman session" so both hand & head are wasted.

ok about the "Handaan" i only ate the "Lumpia & Kare-Kare"
all viants are filled with pork meat *bleh!* so i don't east so much but the "Lumpia" are really delicious. While we are eating,we are having some discussions about in our band [we have a new Vocalist] we will test our new vocalist,to make sing one of our composes,so he will sing the song entitled "Shadows" but before that,we will give him time to make practice with it..

while were are listening from the other band [Love Commercial] i decided to took some pic lols so heres Miko[the new vocal], Shan[Drummer], Me[The Loner Bassist], and Robert[Guitar I]
...a simple group can bond each other in a simple party ^_^ a band bonds together,sticks together *i don't think so?* so we spend time for playing musics and have jam to other band,then we drink and drink...not really but we eat more that we drink~

Monday, November 12, 2007

Entry: Who wanna be a VlogCaster?

Heres my entry for uBlog iVlog Contest
so What is Vlogging? vlogging is another way to blog by broadcasting a video...very lazy to type? ok ok most of the filipino are not really lazy,but if you like to express more about your self...just record a video,publish it to your blog,by expressing your emotion,this is the way how you publish a video.

their are 40,000 Filipino Bloggers at the Blogosphere so 20% are Vloggers,one of them is Coy.
filipino are very creative mostly at the acting skills *im talking about film making* casters are truly good in expressing & reporting so heres some children wanna be a VlogCasters lols~
(a big apologize about their unacceptable words..."batang kalye kasi")

by the way,i have too many mess in making this video...apologize~
for a nice view,just click HERE

Friday, November 9, 2007

Video: Living in the dark...

this is from the Youtube featured videos...made by Thomas Leung.
this film tells about the story of a blind,i love this because it make me inspired...and i remember my dad on the other country,i was touched when the blinded father says~

"I wanna see you son,I wanna see your Brother,and your Mom"

...his father is blind because after his childhood accident,he has an eye for a temporary sight.
This Film Awarded in the Australia 2005 Beta Colour
to view the rest of the page just visit the main page from youtube

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tip: A simple images for promoting traffic

try to make a simple image to make your blog/site so you can have more traffics to are example to apply it for exchanging links and for forum signitures:
Click me to inlarge!
~Click me to inlarge
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

wanna have some? try to e-mail me for requests *nasty_zilu54[at]yahoo[dot]com*...Graphic Requests are limited only! but try to keep submitting requests :)

@The Forum: you can have many visitors if one of the forum you joined are crowded,more popular...more traffic

Friday, November 2, 2007

Is this real? or not?

Nov. 1,2007 | All Soul's Day
me and my friends are tooking some pictures...hoping that we can saw some souls that were roaming around.

Note: Click the image then try to download [save the image],magnify it until you can specify if this is real or not...

...since this month is creepy and scary,i watch this video from esnips with my sister,now im afraid to go this site *laugh out loud*

Member's comment [from esnips] : "It's true. it's REALLY true not because I'm being frightened by the ghost, but because of the accident. It is also true that GHOSTS ARE REAL. The girl's energy did somewhat "stratch" up the camera, which nearly bust her out.Note for the drivers: Don't let a stranger enter your car."

by the way...we can have some conversation at the comment box :)