Sunday, December 30, 2007

Getting rid of...

Im getting tired of practicing dance steps and doing stunts for our Cheering Competition, theres days...i often to sleep after our cheer practice, getting rid of my pimples at my forehead and having relax beside on the radio...listening some musics.

i was about to make 2 blogs, a Tagalog Podcast and a Picto-Vlog... now i currently making the blog [podcast].
im thinking if ill gonna build a filipino podcast group after finishing the site, the feeds & images are done and the contents are under construction...well ill gonna finish my podcast intro and making some nice idea to discuss of.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas...The Final Chapter

first of all...i want to greet all bloggers and visitors a Merry Christmas!
before the christmas eve, we had attended the mass last night from 11 pm to 12 pm before the christmas arrives.
after the mass...while were a head going home, some of our neighborhood starts to eat at their "Noche Buena" and having a Karaoke sing a long.

Me, my sister, and my mom ate our "Noche Buena" what do we eat? my mom's delicious spaghetti and small cake that fits us three...i really love my mom's spaghetti.
our next we gonna wait is the "New Year's Eve" have you prepared your fire crackers and making noises :D for the upcoming new year...hope you are!

me and my mom had a mis understand this morning, that i have many wishes to my dad that are too expensive...what!? i don't make a wish to have this and that?
mom says that,i hate her because of the computer? duh!?
and i also hate her because she didn't sent my contest entry? yes its true, but i accept it and its ok :) i still love my mom.

oh i remember that my dad read my blog posts and its not only for HIM...have you remember the "8 things that you wish to have this christmas" from my last post? i don't dedicate my wishes for my dad or to others are close to me, i made this is for my own purpose and i will have this with my own sacrifices...if i got a job, i can buy what i want and what i need.

remember, my blog is not for only HIM or her to read and its for all. I don't ask to grant what i want because i only share, not you to grant it...thats why i made this is to share my thoughts.

Author's Comment:

by the way dad, i don't make this blog is to grant my wishes...i made this is to share who i am, this blog is not only for you but its for all and i thank all bloggers who gave me comments every post i made...i appreciate you guys!
dad, try to search at Google the name "Blog" to understand what is this because i know you didn't understand my last posts right? is my posts is understandable or not?

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas...The 4th Chapter *Moving on*

Tomorrow is the "Christmas Eve" so hope filipinos completes the 9 days of sacrificing "Simbang Gabi" yes in Philippines, if you complete the 9 days of sacrificing you may have a one wish and you wish may come true ^_^ if i completed the mass, im gonna wish that i can have a prospering of the "8 things that you wish to have this christmas" at my last post.

Be ready for the "Noche Buena!" my mom went to the market, i don't know if she will buy some recipies to cook for the celebration of christmas :)

I want to share things i want to express with lols...for short, RANT. from the Pokémon-PH christmas contest, i spent my money, time and effort for this coloring page because i want to have some christmas gift, i know that i cannot have some pokémon toys this christmas and being a pokémon fan, my honor to join this kind of contest...why? recently i cannot use the computer because my mom always uses it, i cannot watch pokémon episodes because we don't have a television, then let's say im working with this coloring page is for my past time and to collect more pokémon stuffs :)

i hate my mom that she was always forget to put my entry to the the post office, i told her many times that "please mom i don't want to waste this opportunity!"
the deadline, i was alone at the stock room and silently cried...punching the wall with my bear hands *thats why i cant hold heavy things right now* so i just accept and trying to move on again...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas...The 3rd Chapter *Our School Party*

Friday and its our last school meeting ^_^ this is my happiest christmas party i experienced, because from elementary to 2nd year, i never had a gift that makes me satisfied but the others are usual~
almost all of us are happy and others are sad, my classmates will moved sooner..."Angeline" a new student from our school campus these year, again will say goodbye and the other one "Michele" will move to New Jersey, United States. How sad that my secret crush will move :( and its Angeline.

Ok, all students are enjoying the Christmas Party. Small kids are very happy to see the mascot *Jollibee* trying to touch it and dance with. then after that, the high school also enjoys from watching and picture taking while when the game are held.
and its time to eat! i only eat spaghetti, maha blanca, fruit salad and chicken...say sorry for the cake because my stomach is
very full from what i eat.

The whole day was happy and enjoying even so its very hard to accept that my two smart and beautiful classmate will move somewhere where they destined...
Before our program ends, my enemies try to have friends with me...oh well i accept their offer :) not at all that you gonna use your pride.
This christmas will be more happy!

-----end of chapter---

Ive been tag by my friend "Webster Twelb" with that 8 questions/eight answers thing.
but ill make it shorter ^_^ because its too long, a simple editing for my tag~
So here it goes!

8 things that you wish to have this christmas:
1. Nintendo DS (w/ Pokémon Diamond Cartridge) -this is one of my dream to have being a pokemon fan.

2. Apple I-phone -because it is "5 in 1" item for my personal use.

3. Chuck Tailor -i don't have any good shoes, i only have a pair of an old rubber shoes and sandals *included my slippers* one of my favorite shoes.

4. MacBook -why? my perfect pc for me :) for my office use...

5. a Black T-shirt -i don't any, hope i can have only 3 t-shirts for this christmas.

6. Pokémon Mangas -i really want to read anything specially pokemon, one of my hobby to read a magazines and comics.

7. Ash's Cap -must get!

8. a prospering life -its ok if this is only i can have this christmas...

...i tag all readers and bloggers ^_^ i din't include 8 people to appreciate because i appreciate all blogs on the blogosphere~

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas...The 2nd Chapter

tuesday, our second day of our 3rd periodical examination.
i was s very proud that i perfect the examination in Computer Subject...but suddenly, my teacher accidentally gave the 4th year's paper, i lately noticed that the paper that im answering is for the 4th year *lols!*

how do i got the paper? from 1st year to 4th year are jumbled in one room so no one can cheat >_< i was about to pass my paper, then my classmate asked about from the test (how to~) thats why i noticed that my paper is not for the 3rd year.

Yes, shocked! i return the paper with answers (and all are correct!) i was very mad that i will start again for a new one...thats why i passed my paper too late~ im very proud that i helped the 4th year (my seat mates) for answering their papers *cheating!*

i was also very happy that im the first student who passed the paper (i was about to pass the paper if my schoolmate didn't stopped me for passing) i thought that all of our exams are same!

What i want for Christmas?
heres a featured video i can share from Youtube, the animation is kinda poor but funny! i love this video, mostly at the little snowman *greedy*

-----end of chapter-----

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas...a time for sharing

December...a time for sharing
filipino are naturally preparing for the coming "Simbang Gabi", me and the school choir will sing at the 3rd week of december "The Misa de Gallo" the starting of the advent mass.

i cannot wait to write my wishlist this christmas :) hoping that one of them grants...i have many things to do with, this upcoming christmas vacation so i decided to have a plan for those things to do such as blogging update, advance learning, my band recording, pokemon thinggy and etc.

my nanay thelma wants us to have a christmas vacation at their place, but im having a problem because also at my band...yes it would be nice to have a vacation at Makati but how about my band? lols (laugh-a-lot) thinking anything gives me a lot of stress so im trying to wore all problems i think.
---end of chapter---

Welcome to!

i love Sir.Karlo's comic strips so i decided to feature at my blog post...
from his site for blogging tips he made[] another site made for his comic strip collections *i think* i know he i a very good cartoonist because all his works are very attractive and mostly creative ^_^ hope i can have part of his hands to draw...

try to visit his new blog so see more comics...reading comics are good for past time, and this is where i subscribe [] i hope Sir.Karlo make a collectible episodes!

"...practice makes perfect"

Monday, December 10, 2007

PYM Cup at the Parish Church...

everyone are usually enjoys the "Parish Youth Ministry Event" at the parish church...
there are some sports activities & religious lectures :)
ok, i mostly hate the facilities and they have "lack of organizing" why? i hate the Comfort Rooms for the boys *they don't have ceiling lights & reserved water!* all boys sleep at outside, well the girls slept inside the Auditorium >_< darn it! its so cold outside and some of us are tend to catch sickness & colds *because the others doesn't have any tent*

Day 1
Morning, the assembly of the participants...while we are waiting for the other participants who will participate, we have a morning lectures from the brothers about some religious stories. Every participants has a Team so i belong to the Yellow Team. After that we have a parade from our baranggay, and i took a pic for this...

Afternoon, our sports activities starts so i join as a Badminton representative in our team, and i lose...why? we have a "Rally Point" rules, an error will be opponent always has a fowl, the problem is, every fowl is charge a score to my opponent >_<

Night...the boys are outside auditorium and the girls are me and my classmate starting to find some shooting stars *for short STARGAZING* and we saw seven shooting stars, and one of them has some wishes ^_^ sorry if i didn't took some pics for this but heres some night trip to my bandmate, Shan.
i can't sleep as well...uhm almost all of the boys are not really sleepy.

Day 2
i woke up very early and my body are aching...some of us didn't sleep and the Marshalls
then we took a bath for the sunday mass,then after that...we have singing and dancing at the auditorium then breakfast *onion omelet* then a nice home for us...but before i go home, i took a picture outside the church :) yay another collection for my photography lols...

when i went to home, my whole muscles are aching and i decided to sleep for the whole day from 1:30pm to 7:10pm mom asks me that why im so very tired? hehehe because i enjoy ^_^

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Im very busy for everything...

this december, i don't know how i can finish my works...all are messed-up!
im trying to update my theme for my blog banner [yup ill add up some Christmas decorations!]
and even my posting at my blog, i think i can't do it regularly *sobs*

i just came from our gig at the AL's Bar, Paranaque City
no such visitors arrive [because its] but theres a lots of bands performed including us :) i was sad when Lilac Rose go home after their performance [because they have work] oh my precious ____ i really love her face and her eyes, lols the one i tell is the Bassist from Lilac Rose...

next, about pokemon theres a "December Christmas Contest" from Pokémon-PH, all kids/teens and pokémon fan are invited to join this contest.
Theres a lots of prizes are waiting for the winners ^_^ and i will join also!
~Would you color a Pokémon coloring page for a free toy this Christmas? I would! to join...just click HERE

Pokemon-PH & SpellMicael for the image

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Journey of a Loner... Episode#01

i went to the mall alone...why?
Friday, our holiday for us and my classmates have a deal to go to the mall and we have our assembly time before 1:00pm at the "FX Terminal" when i went there, i see none of my classmates *sobs* the van arrives so i went to mall

At the Mall:
i don't know where i should go first...
i went first to the bookshop and read some books that are very interesting *lols more knowledge!*

next destination is the anime store "Comic Alley" just having some "window shopping " ^_^ it takes me an hour to see some good collecting figurines specially Pokémon Stuffs...waaaah love it!
second attempt to went back to this store, i only bought "Pokémon: Dialga Mouse Pad" and i took a picture for the new released "Pokémon: Secret Wonders Deck/Booster Packs."
its really enjoying to look some nice collectible toys at this store, because i saw cute girls nyahaha! *grins*

after in Comic Alley, i went to "LAZER Guitar Shop" to buy a ThumbPick but theres no available so i look at their selling electric guitars so at my next visit, i can buy my new Bass Guitar for my band *i only borrow instruments * but its still my not my permanent decision to buy one, because sadly at the next school year, me and my sister will move at "Makati."

next before i go to the Arcade, i withdraw some cash from my atm to get some money at use for enjoying, and to buy some items for my "Personal Hygiene"...then off to the arcade!

its 4:00pm i bought the items i need, so before i went home...i saw an another bookstore named "FullyBooked" im so willing to go there, because their facilities are very nice and comfortable for reading some books ^_^ then again i took again a picture at their "mangas" section...lovely!

Successful...what did i bought?
after i went home, i took a picture what did i bought from the mall,
i bought; (1)Master™ Facial Scrub, (1)Master™ Facial Cleanser, (1)Axe™ Body Deo, and a December Issue of Kzone Magazine...i just said to my self "Than-than, since from the start being a HighSchool student, don't loose you self even your a loner" non-sense? lols

...more journeys to come being a loner