Sunday, December 30, 2007

Getting rid of...

Im getting tired of practicing dance steps and doing stunts for our Cheering Competition, theres days...i often to sleep after our cheer practice, getting rid of my pimples at my forehead and having relax beside on the radio...listening some musics.

i was about to make 2 blogs, a Tagalog Podcast and a Picto-Vlog... now i currently making the blog [podcast].
im thinking if ill gonna build a filipino podcast group after finishing the site, the feeds & images are done and the contents are under construction...well ill gonna finish my podcast intro and making some nice idea to discuss of.


Webster Twelb said...

Can't wait to see that.

At..wag mo kayang pansinin ung pimples mo..unu lang ang magandang way pra matanggal un.

Pag lalo mong pinapansin lalong lalaki o dadami yan.

Than-than said...

T__T dami na nga sa noo ku >_< hope hindi matakpan ng peklat ung noo ku, kasi ung iba peklat na eh...hindi ku naman na titiris.

btw about sa upcoming site, can you help me about sa ads? i think marami ka nang alam about that~

Webster Twelb said...

I'll try to help you kung alam ko. Can you put ads on wordpress?

Sabi dito ndi:

Than-than said...

hindi, i mean hihingi lang aku ng infos about applying ads...tulad ng widgetbucks & payperpost

may alam ka pang iba instead sa google adsense~

Webster Twelb said...

linkshare and auctionads...but i don't think they both work..

payperpost eh kelangan 3 months ung blog mo at may at least 20 posts.

Try mo din ung ads4dough...

i-rerefer kita!!!!!

bka kumita ako sau..hahahahah..
Happy new year!

Than-than said...

^_^ sige...ill tell it to my mom first, sa permission para hindi aku mahirapan sa transaction.

will talk about the next time :D
Happy New Year~

Webster Twelb said...

ganun..may nalalaman ka pang ganyan!