Friday, January 25, 2008

"Positive thinking is a Positive Living..."

the spirit of reading came on me~
i was inspired by my classmate. Shiela, is our 1st honor in our class...i love her stories she wrote specially the title i gave, its based to my life [i did not tell her about my life] and that's why i love it :)

The Power of Positive Living by: Norman Vincent Peale
my classmate borrowed me a book titled "The Power of Positive Living" then i read it, before i sleep and after the class *during vacant* this book is very brilliant because i made a quote that suits for me "Positive thinking is a Positive Living..." lols its just pop into my head while reading the book and it should apply to my self.

This motivational book tells about The Power of Positive Thinking... yeah, what you think is what you get...right? don't think anything that makes you down ^_^ Another one! Be a Believer = Be a Achiever... means if you believe yourself and if you believe to god, you can have anything what you want by trusting yourself.

What i bought this month?
mom, sister and i went to the grocery and i bought a Magazine to read [a February Issue of K-Zone] i think four straight months that they published their issue with Pokemon Stuffs and articles :) then i bought also my new pair of slippers yay! still waiting add more stiches *to make it stronger* an umbrella during rainy days and my germ protection soap for my face ^_^

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Tired....stress...pimples...eye bugs....
one of my problem after the gig at the BFClub Bar, poor performance for us bandmates but audiences...yes, as usual applauded and a great shake hand to the other band *except for me OP* i think practicing at our music room is more better rather than performing at the bar, because the "bass amply" i used is very....oh forgot it!

I went home with low eyes and i want to sleep, but i want to post something that i can express and share, still getting some updates and reading blogs articles that i subscribed.
I cooked a hot dogs and patties to eat before to took a sleep, ate bananas *to store-up some nutrients, specially Potassium* while i am blogging around, i was thinking for the next day what's next...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Days: Never waste your time...

days past...most of the days are very exhausting, spending your time for work makes you tired, listening to your teacher makes you sleepy, extra-curricular activities gives your whole body wasted...

this second week of January, i am hoping that i can put my self into right condition for studying my subjects and especially at my failed subjects...but my main problem is, how i can handle my time for studying? we have a shorten period for the coming cheering competition, and that's why we are now taking our lessons from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and the rest is our cheer practice...then after that, me and my other band members went straight to our practice for the another upcoming gig and went home about 7:30 pm eat...sleep.

Monday, i haven't reviewed my notes and i haven't take my rest last two days [Saturday & Sunday] because of our whole day practice... and wait, this is not right, Sunday is our family day and yes, my classmate told me about this, our practice takes the time from 8:00 am-5:00 pm *pati simba hindi na aku nakaka attend*

by the way, about from my last post...i am asking an apologize for my wrong english grammar, even this post are grammatically wrong...

Paraluman PodCast? still working for that site, hope those filipino listeners who expects anything for my upcoming podcast...nah~ still under-construction :) patience...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Days with happiness and tiredness...

i maybe had a lack of posts and updates about me, why because i had a lot of schedules...for short, im very busy these days at now.
I was covered with stress but a lot of happiness when i just received my package from "Pokémon Coloring Page Christmas Contest".

Now, this month of january, ill be spending my time and effort for the school works thats why will have a lack of post this month, very tired from the cheer dance practice and my band practice for our upcoming gig at 11 & 19 and the cheering competition at 27.

Next week is our 4th monthly exam and ill be more concentrated in studying...hope i can have a higher grade in chemistry :(
Lots of money to spend, more stress, tiredness, busyness...a lot of works this month and i hate it!

...sorry for those readers but keep subscribing~

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pokémon the 11th movie on japan this year...

yes, pokémon will release their 11th movie [Giratina and the Bouquet of the Sky] from japan this year (2008) while the 10th is still on for the other coutries.

The main pokémon cast here are Giratina, Dialga, Palkia, and Regigigas we gonna meet again the two legendaries from the 11th movie.
I bet that they will give away Giratina via NDS WiFi, then you just caught a Pokémon *if you were in japan :(*

Heres the 11th movie preview from Youtube.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year...New Life... of the Filipino yearly "Bagong taon ay mag bagong buhay" or "New year must must have new life" *correct me~* after the countdown, i spent my half hour for tooking some videos rather to took some pics...
from this side [if you see the photo] for me this is my good shot from the others, its better to add it to my random photographies from flickr.
At the net, theres a lot of group messages from my messenger and yup! all messages are both, so once again...Happy New Year! goodbye 2007 and hello 2008.

By the way...i would like to share my video i took during the New Year, Enjoy!

Oops! i forgot to share what did i eat, lols i just ate a PENNE Spaghetti and a one big bottle of Coca-cola, as usual most of all filipinoes will never miss their traditions, the circle fruits *and whatever* means money/coins.
Does all of you have a New Year's Resolution? me, still thinking of that what i should change and add this year :)