Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Days with happiness and tiredness...

i maybe had a lack of posts and updates about me, why because i had a lot of schedules...for short, im very busy these days at now.
I was covered with stress but a lot of happiness when i just received my package from "Pokémon Coloring Page Christmas Contest".

Now, this month of january, ill be spending my time and effort for the school works thats why will have a lack of post this month, very tired from the cheer dance practice and my band practice for our upcoming gig at 11 & 19 and the cheering competition at 27.

Next week is our 4th monthly exam and ill be more concentrated in studying...hope i can have a higher grade in chemistry :(
Lots of money to spend, more stress, tiredness, busyness...a lot of works this month and i hate it!

...sorry for those readers but keep subscribing~


Webster Twelb said...

I hate you! ala ka susugurin kita sa inyo...!

Bakit meron kang ganyan! *sobs*

Magpa-contest ka..dadalhin ko pa sa'yo mimo ung..un na un..

ei english ba turo sa n'yo ng makabayan?

And epal ka...kitang-kita ung address mo sa picture! Tga camella ka ba????bkit iba ata ung sbi mo s kin!

At I don't even think BUSYNESS is a real english word.

Than-than said...

uhm, is theres randomness sa real english word.

while im posting this story, grabe inaantok na aku nitu dahil sa mga extracurricular activities namin.

a big apologize kung wrong grammar lahat ngayun sa post ku ngayun.

Webster Twelb said...

uhm, is theres randomness sa real english word.


busy-busyhan ka ha!