Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blogging is awesome!

i spent my time for blogging,i know some people are blogging addicted you do spent time in blogging overtime ^_^
for me i cant call my self as a blog-addict,im still collecting experience and infos refers to blogging,then i still have control using computer but when i touch the pc...i cant stop surfing :D so yesterday night i finished using our pc at 1:00 am.

i join many kind of blogging community such as MyBlogLog.
at bloglog i saw a kind of blog that its full of infos about blogging and its very informative mostly at tips :) so i discover PinoyBlogero. At his blog you can know about how to make a nice and successful blog and theres some tips how to earn some money from AdSense,i try to apply what i seach from blogging!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

How does my body produce...electricity

253 WATTS Body Battery Calculator - Find Out How Much Electricity Your Body is Producing - Dating

Your Body is Producing 253 Watts!

This is 1% MORE wattage than the average person

  • You could light up 3 light bulbs
  • You could power 63 iPods
  • You could power 1 Xbox 360
  • 4 of you would be needed to keep a refrigerator running
thats what the site tells to me...
wow,how strong am i?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

From saying bad word can cause us rosy cheeks?

yeah our recess,me and my classmates where having some discussions then my classmate robert have an idea to do some trips on the whole day lols.
All 3rd year boys can join but be immune to "Hand Slaps" ,if you say a bad word,you will be slap many times *almost 13 boys are in* so how many bad words you say is counted then x13 slaps,i almost made my cheeks rosy :D
On the outside school,you may now speak free what you want but for the bad word lover...prepare youself for tommorow...
I can only say for my self is VALUES can makes us all disciplined...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I love it! again for videos...

Recently Searched from Youtube...
yes,again from youtube...this trailer will be one of my favorite for the "National Geographic Channel".Since we dont have T.V./Cabled as in we dont have a television,so i decided to search at youtube what is new at "NGC" so heres what i search...

Shaun Ellis,a "Wolf Behavior Expert" who teach the wolves how to survive in the wild...
so i was thinking are the wolves are now endangered?

here for the XBOX Live 360 users just try for the new release of the game "HALO 3" from Microsoft.

Heres the other HALO 3 trailer:

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A simple catch...

a random post...this is one of my favorite shot when we went at Queson City,its a very long time because its only stock from my pc,so i better to share this...for a larger view just click HERE


here again,another pokemon fan site from US,i just search this from "MyBlogLog",aside of pokemon blogs i saw this...PokeFarm they have a nice forum for Nintendo DS users *who plays PKMN D/P* they have categories about WiFi Battles,Tradings & General Discusssions,actually the most posted category is Trades...

i dont know why did i post this but i love their infos about HARVESTING a Pokemon *catching & collecting*

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Card Results...

well im feeling good today when i saw my "Report Card" that are not in bad condition but the bad is,im not in the "Honor Roll/Top Ten Students"
its ok because i did my best to study ^_^ so heres my results of my subjects:

Results for the 1st Period:
Filipino - 81%
English - 85%
Math/Geometry - 81%
Chemistry - 79%
*World History - 82%
*MAPEH - 82%
*TLE/Computer - 83%
Values Education(RHGP) - 90%

...yes i have line of "7" so for the next period,even i have higher grades on the second period,i cannot still be in at the "Honor Student" ill try it again for the next school year lols :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Rambo The Movie...

i search it from GameOPS an online pinoy gaming site,a thanks from Micael.
...its kinda brutal but i like it,mostly i like John Rambo's headband thinggy.

Speaking of RAMBO,try Smiley Wars :) its a kind of shooting game,when the game is fully loaded just choose "Rambo" so you can now experience what is the experience what is the feeling being John Rambo lols ^_^

I love this ^_^

Wow! how nice...
me and my mom search for something,and i saw this...

he was Dario Montiel,i saw his personal website a collection of his videos & personal infos...if you visit his site,i know the others cannot understand his "spanish language personal site something..."
i was wondering,why he holds his guitar in slant position? oh btw for the guitar lovers,you can visit his viodeo section HERE
...he is a very good guitar player lols! its nice if he joins a rock band to be a lead guiarist :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Opening & My Day

Still Having a Problem...
...weeks past,now blog is now again re-open ^_^ yay!
but i have many problems to finish these days,i cannot apply my new layout for my blog so i use my blog layout banner to makes me satisfied *45% satisfied* so about my unrevealing layout,its very simple but im not very satified that i only use my banner :( so a months of learning CSS...out of 10 i only learn 2/10 so i decicded to stop *because i know that i cannot learn it* when one of my friends uses pure HTML from her blog,i start again to review HTML all of the parts of HTML to finish my darn layout T_T

Happy Birthday to me!
Now its Sept.20 im now celebrating my 15th birthday on the net *i dont wanna know to them because we do not have money to spend for handaan* i make my own b-day banner to celebrate my 1st year in PKMN-ph/Pokemon-PH being a loyal member and a Pokemon Fan ^_^

hehehe heres also my wishlist :D
  • -Pok√©mon Keychain
  • -A Deck of Pokemon Cards
  • -Ibanez Elec. Guitar
  • -Nintendo DS
  • -MP3 built in storage
  • -and a Good Normal Life :)
...i also thank for the people who greet me and thanks for my enemies who are "Back Teasers" hehehe peace :D oh and my friends thanks for you help and infos ^_^ god bless you all! lols!

Before B-day...

well...before the day of my birthday,i have an extreme cough & runny nose,i do not drink some medicine *hehehe i know im strong lols* at our school i cannot concentrate at my reviews for our last day examination at English Literature & World World History im not on the mood to review so i try to force myself to review *so i only read all the notes,but i didn't remember it...*
i know that my Nanay Thelma will came to oour house to greet me and to give me some Handa for my birthday tommorow...i really thank for my Nanay because since i was young,she always taking care of me *i think i was too spoiled?* a big THANKS for my nanay...
*nanay...salamat po sa iyong ibinigay na special cake,wahehehe Red Ribbon pa lols ,you are my #1 nanay for me and thanks for the gift you gave for me...hope lagi pa rin po kayu simusuporta sa amin :) thanks again because you still remember the day of celebrating my birthday...* a big kiss & hug for you :D
BTW...i forgot! thanks also for the Beef Stake you gave ^_^ sarap! and thanks to my mom who cook my fave!

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