Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Again...i think this is down

i think my blog "Than-than's Journey of Thoughts" will be down new posts
this is my last post for this week or month, i am now planning how i can post to my personal blog while managing my upcoming new blog *personal podcast* maybe my post will made it shorter but a lack of posts.

I decided to open again this blog together with my podcast in vacation or my podcast will open earlier than this blog. These days, i am now taking an attention to my studies and my extra curricular activities, for works.

i am not able post my past events because of lack of time for using the computer. We won the last place in the cheering competition...we are now preparing ourselves for the coming of our examination and our PROM and i hate it specially the prom...lot's of expenses~
About my band...still on going for practices/jammings and gigs, hoping that one day we will be famous *long live*

Then....that's all, Than-than logging off *tooot!*
oops! by the way! for the new comers (visitors) better read my past posts at the "archives" feel free to surf at my place :)