Friday, January 25, 2008

"Positive thinking is a Positive Living..."

the spirit of reading came on me~
i was inspired by my classmate. Shiela, is our 1st honor in our class...i love her stories she wrote specially the title i gave, its based to my life [i did not tell her about my life] and that's why i love it :)

The Power of Positive Living by: Norman Vincent Peale
my classmate borrowed me a book titled "The Power of Positive Living" then i read it, before i sleep and after the class *during vacant* this book is very brilliant because i made a quote that suits for me "Positive thinking is a Positive Living..." lols its just pop into my head while reading the book and it should apply to my self.

This motivational book tells about The Power of Positive Thinking... yeah, what you think is what you get...right? don't think anything that makes you down ^_^ Another one! Be a Believer = Be a Achiever... means if you believe yourself and if you believe to god, you can have anything what you want by trusting yourself.

What i bought this month?
mom, sister and i went to the grocery and i bought a Magazine to read [a February Issue of K-Zone] i think four straight months that they published their issue with Pokemon Stuffs and articles :) then i bought also my new pair of slippers yay! still waiting add more stiches *to make it stronger* an umbrella during rainy days and my germ protection soap for my face ^_^


Webster Twelb said...

it's a really good thing to have some time in reading books especially good ones. It is true that if you think positive you'll live positively and everything will work just fine..kasi ung pagiging negative ay nakahahadlang sa pag-achieve ng gusto mong gawin.

Did your friend lend it to you or did you borrow it?

Anyway..keep it up.

Than-than said...

lols...nabuhayan talaga aku dahil wala akung magawa sa bahay [alang t.v.], its better nga na i-apply ku ung quote for my studies and specially in exams!...grabe powerful and bibig at ang isip :)

uhm...borrow ku, accept naman niya na borrow ku muna... actually after she wrote her stories, dadaan muna sakin wahehe magaling daw aku mag comment?

btw apologize for the wrong grammar again...:)

Webster Twelb said...

lol..okay..magaling kang mag-comment..hahahahaha...

anyway..just keep it up.

Than-than said...

thanks a lot! ^^

Sameer said...

interesting to read. if u think positive than one day result also came positive. so always happy and face the situation; success is never ending it is the process of take and give so happy blogging......