Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas...The Final Chapter

first of all...i want to greet all bloggers and visitors a Merry Christmas!
before the christmas eve, we had attended the mass last night from 11 pm to 12 pm before the christmas arrives.
after the mass...while were a head going home, some of our neighborhood starts to eat at their "Noche Buena" and having a Karaoke sing a long.

Me, my sister, and my mom ate our "Noche Buena" what do we eat? my mom's delicious spaghetti and small cake that fits us three...i really love my mom's spaghetti.
our next we gonna wait is the "New Year's Eve" have you prepared your fire crackers and making noises :D for the upcoming new year...hope you are!

me and my mom had a mis understand this morning, that i have many wishes to my dad that are too expensive...what!? i don't make a wish to have this and that?
mom says that,i hate her because of the computer? duh!?
and i also hate her because she didn't sent my contest entry? yes its true, but i accept it and its ok :) i still love my mom.

oh i remember that my dad read my blog posts and its not only for HIM...have you remember the "8 things that you wish to have this christmas" from my last post? i don't dedicate my wishes for my dad or to others are close to me, i made this is for my own purpose and i will have this with my own sacrifices...if i got a job, i can buy what i want and what i need.

remember, my blog is not for only HIM or her to read and its for all. I don't ask to grant what i want because i only share, not you to grant it...thats why i made this is to share my thoughts.

Author's Comment:

by the way dad, i don't make this blog is to grant my wishes...i made this is to share who i am, this blog is not only for you but its for all and i thank all bloggers who gave me comments every post i made...i appreciate you guys!
dad, try to search at Google the name "Blog" to understand what is this because i know you didn't understand my last posts right? is my posts is understandable or not?


Webster Twelb said...

Ang harsh naman ng papa muh!

Than-than said...

i don't think so...habang maaga, hindi ku itotolerate ung sarili ku mag post sa blog ku about sa family ku >_< sana mga~