Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas...The 3rd Chapter *Our School Party*

Friday and its our last school meeting ^_^ this is my happiest christmas party i experienced, because from elementary to 2nd year, i never had a gift that makes me satisfied but the others are usual~
almost all of us are happy and others are sad, my classmates will moved sooner..."Angeline" a new student from our school campus these year, again will say goodbye and the other one "Michele" will move to New Jersey, United States. How sad that my secret crush will move :( and its Angeline.

Ok, all students are enjoying the Christmas Party. Small kids are very happy to see the mascot *Jollibee* trying to touch it and dance with. then after that, the high school also enjoys from watching and picture taking while when the game are held.
and its time to eat! i only eat spaghetti, maha blanca, fruit salad and chicken...say sorry for the cake because my stomach is
very full from what i eat.

The whole day was happy and enjoying even so its very hard to accept that my two smart and beautiful classmate will move somewhere where they destined...
Before our program ends, my enemies try to have friends with me...oh well i accept their offer :) not at all that you gonna use your pride.
This christmas will be more happy!

-----end of chapter---

Ive been tag by my friend "Webster Twelb" with that 8 questions/eight answers thing.
but ill make it shorter ^_^ because its too long, a simple editing for my tag~
So here it goes!

8 things that you wish to have this christmas:
1. Nintendo DS (w/ Pokémon Diamond Cartridge) -this is one of my dream to have being a pokemon fan.

2. Apple I-phone -because it is "5 in 1" item for my personal use.

3. Chuck Tailor -i don't have any good shoes, i only have a pair of an old rubber shoes and sandals *included my slippers* one of my favorite shoes.

4. MacBook -why? my perfect pc for me :) for my office use...

5. a Black T-shirt -i don't any, hope i can have only 3 t-shirts for this christmas.

6. Pokémon Mangas -i really want to read anything specially pokemon, one of my hobby to read a magazines and comics.

7. Ash's Cap -must get!

8. a prospering life -its ok if this is only i can have this christmas...

...i tag all readers and bloggers ^_^ i din't include 8 people to appreciate because i appreciate all blogs on the blogosphere~


williamhessian said...

great post. I've got your link trade link up. Check it out:

looking forward to having mine on yours as well.

Than-than said...

whoa thanks!
if you don't mind, you can make a 182 x 50 banner for being one of my blog rolls...

if or one of my friendly list...fully text link :)

you can choose one of them.

Webster Twelb said...

Thanks for doing the tag..ha! Happy holidays..

sna makuha moh nga lahat yang wish moh someday.

macbook para sa office???????.....

-wish moh lang...

Than-than said...

yes macbook, isa sa mga ginugustu ku if im going to collage... ung sinasabi kong office is for homeworks,researches,online bussines and etc. ung pinag kukuhaan ku ng money para sa gastusin sa collage life ^_^

Webster Twelb said...


Than-than said...

wha!? you don't know that? gustu ku, may gagamitin akung macbook sa pag dating sa collage ku :(