Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas...a time for sharing

December...a time for sharing
filipino are naturally preparing for the coming "Simbang Gabi", me and the school choir will sing at the 3rd week of december "The Misa de Gallo" the starting of the advent mass.

i cannot wait to write my wishlist this christmas :) hoping that one of them grants...i have many things to do with, this upcoming christmas vacation so i decided to have a plan for those things to do such as blogging update, advance learning, my band recording, pokemon thinggy and etc.

my nanay thelma wants us to have a christmas vacation at their place, but im having a problem because also at my band...yes it would be nice to have a vacation at Makati but how about my band? lols (laugh-a-lot) thinking anything gives me a lot of stress so im trying to wore all problems i think.
---end of chapter---

Welcome to!

i love Sir.Karlo's comic strips so i decided to feature at my blog post...
from his site for blogging tips he made[] another site made for his comic strip collections *i think* i know he i a very good cartoonist because all his works are very attractive and mostly creative ^_^ hope i can have part of his hands to draw...

try to visit his new blog so see more comics...reading comics are good for past time, and this is where i subscribe [] i hope Sir.Karlo make a collectible episodes!

"...practice makes perfect"


Webster Twelb said...

oi hapi holidays!

ganda ng ginawa mong banner ah..gnawa mo ba un by photoshop?

Than-than said...

yup...all graphics from my blog are all mine ^_^ thanks!
yes i use photoshop uhm...CS2

merry christmas~

Wangbu said...

Nice post. This reminds me Christmas is occuring which is almost forgotten in the seasonless working field of mine.

Webster Twelb said...

ah..ganda ah..galing naman u.

Than-than said...

@wangbu: thanks ^_^ filipino still trying to celebrate with their family, of course we filipino will never forgot to celebrate with their own relatives :) but is it still to enjoy in our country~

@wbster twelb: hindi pa naman masyado >_< thanks!