Thursday, December 6, 2007

Im very busy for everything...

this december, i don't know how i can finish my works...all are messed-up!
im trying to update my theme for my blog banner [yup ill add up some Christmas decorations!]
and even my posting at my blog, i think i can't do it regularly *sobs*

i just came from our gig at the AL's Bar, Paranaque City
no such visitors arrive [because its] but theres a lots of bands performed including us :) i was sad when Lilac Rose go home after their performance [because they have work] oh my precious ____ i really love her face and her eyes, lols the one i tell is the Bassist from Lilac Rose...

next, about pokemon theres a "December Christmas Contest" from Pokémon-PH, all kids/teens and pokémon fan are invited to join this contest.
Theres a lots of prizes are waiting for the winners ^_^ and i will join also!
~Would you color a Pokémon coloring page for a free toy this Christmas? I would! to join...just click HERE

Pokemon-PH & SpellMicael for the image


Webster Twelb said...

i'll check out the contest soon..idk if i qualify as a teen though.

hey check out my blog..i have a pokemon post there..gusto kong i-judge mo kung ung nbili kong cards e fake o real..


Than-than said...

^_^ ouch...should i check it need to judge? lols maganda rin kung ikaw ang titigin so if you buy next, you have knowledge on specifying the cards :)

all ages are available to the contest,no worries! :D

Webster Twelb said...

Ah ok thanks.

Naalala ko na nga ung diamond, circle tsaka star..oo nga..

Actually ung zapdos ay fake at yung mga may yellow fake din yun...i think you yellowness nila ay proof na ndi quality paper ung gnamit s knya.

Ewan ko ba kung bakit ganung ka-shiny si gardevoir..nasinagan cguro dhil ng araw eh..

at di ko naman hiwalay binili yung mga holo so kung ung binili kong normal na card is orig i suppose orig din ung holo..kc magkakasama cla.

Than-than said...

Ewan ko ba kung bakit ganung ka-shiny si gardevoir..nasinagan cguro dhil ng araw eh..
hmmm hindi talaga aku convincing sa gardeoir na yan...

*back to post topic*

Webster Twelb said...

ok.mag-eend na po ung contest and nu papel mo s banda nyo???

Than-than said...

anung papel? what u mean, is anung pwestu ku...:)
i work at my band as a bassist guitarist and web developer *i update our band website...*