Monday, November 19, 2007

Pokémon-PH *The Re-Open*

Months past...again for Micael, he re-opened the one of my favorite site, The Pokémon-PH

"Micael returns with Pokémon-PH" one if his post at the fan site makes me again to have more UPDATES in Pokemon Philippines. Another in PKMN-ph [co-fansite of pokemon] still also running for forums & few updates.

~heres Micael promise to work again for millions of Filipino Pokemon Kids/Fans

"I promise you, the reader, that you'd learn a lot of new things about Pokémon in the Philippines if you'd read every post I make in this site.

This site is for:

  • Parents wanting to know more about Pokémon
  • Fans who know little about Pokémon
  • Fans who think they know everything about Pokémon

TCG, Anime, Video Games, Events, etc. If it's about Pokémon in the Philippines, I'd write about it.

My name is Micael. I exist and am a real person (check attachment). I may be the extreme definition of a Pokémon fan but am proud of it. This is my unofficial site about Pokémon. Our journey begins again."

Author's Comment:
i love this site for giving me updates what happen in Pokémon Philippines.

~welcome back Sir.Micael

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