Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Warning!: New Virus scatters at your Messenger

Morning, my mom uses the PC *chatting at YM* so when i woke up,mom ask about this problem.
While shes chatting with her friends,it automatically sends a file that can make your PC also infected, i knew that it quickly grows & scatters all over the Y!Chat Server.

How does it works?
  • It will blocks all "Virus" related names such as conversation in forums,anti-virus site and even your anti-virus protection...[it closes automatically]
  • It will corrupts your Yahoo Messenger- automatically sends file to your friends [if they pm's you]
i bet that, a filipino made this programm to do nothing but make you interrupt your enjoyment in chatting.

The Virus:
  • Automatically replies a message ["open dis,nakakatawa ito"] and edits you status message ["sino gusto ng funny UST scandal,pm nyo ito"]
  • You can get this in Victim's PM >> File Transfer to Yahoo Messenger(You)
  • Its not easy to delete this file because even its in the Recycle Bin or Virus Vault, it cames back to its location
i just finished downloading my new anti-virus to eliminate this f****** virus,but its useless...because while your installing your new anti-virus,the virus will stop it from installing :(

so a simple warning to all Yahoo Chatters...if your friend sends you a File then you saw the icon [above image] try to avoid accepting it~


Webster Twelb said...

thanks for the info.

My computer had a problem before and i think the worst program hit in the PC was our's so automatically sends link..luckily i erased it..

thanks for the info again..i'll remember this in case it will happen to me..

Than-than said...

wow congrats!...i think this is the most fastest spreading virus in YM service.

mine suddenly,the one thing i can do to clean this virus is to re-format my pc T__T *sobs*

"thanks for the info again..i'll remember this in case it will happen to me.."
-no problem about that ^_^ hope you like my blog!

Sumit said...

HEy does this Virus acts also if U r not oL i MEan I was nt ol but it Shows Ol to My Frnds
and thr is no filetransfer