Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Day of Results...

Our Report Card has been heres my school results in our 2nd Quarter [with the previews grading,the 1st Quarter]
Subject: Previews Grade - Recent Grade
Filipino: 81 - 81
English: 85 - 84
Mathematics: 81 - 82
Chemistry: 79 - 80
MAKABAYAN: 84 - 84
*AP/History: 82 - 84
*MAPEH: 82 - 84
*TLE/Computer: 83 - 80
*Values: 90 - 86

Author's Comment:
Still maintaining to my band...suddenly my over all points decreased by one point *sobs* because i didn't attend to our field trip,i made my subjects more getting up but i don't know in Chemistry *hate it!* >_< about my TLE/Computer, my grades pulling down because of the TLE subject i can't put it up because we don't have computer subject.

uBlog, iVlog Contest Results:
so heres the winner for the contest chosen by Sir.Coy - Sir.Ederic Eder & Gibbs Cadiz
then the best post is Sir.Manuel Viloria and the Winner is Joe Datinguinoo

^_^ their blogs are really good :) about the Best Post *Sir.Manuel Viloria* its very simple and dimpled lols...

me? uhm...yep! you didn't see my name but i really appreciate my post entry for the contest,i call my friends to help me about the video *from my last entry* so a big thanks to them, actually our video is just for fun lols.

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