Monday, November 12, 2007

Entry: Who wanna be a VlogCaster?

Heres my entry for uBlog iVlog Contest
so What is Vlogging? vlogging is another way to blog by broadcasting a video...very lazy to type? ok ok most of the filipino are not really lazy,but if you like to express more about your self...just record a video,publish it to your blog,by expressing your emotion,this is the way how you publish a video.

their are 40,000 Filipino Bloggers at the Blogosphere so 20% are Vloggers,one of them is Coy.
filipino are very creative mostly at the acting skills *im talking about film making* casters are truly good in expressing & reporting so heres some children wanna be a VlogCasters lols~
(a big apologize about their unacceptable words..."batang kalye kasi")

by the way,i have too many mess in making this video...apologize~
for a nice view,just click HERE


paolomendoza said...

apologize accepted! ..they're funny actually (and talented)

Than-than said...

...i big thanks to you :)
we don't have any practice,so i just let them act *my time is running our for editing/uploading the video*

~thanks again :) i appreciate it!

Kev said...

bakit naman sir tawag mo sakin doon sa cbox ko noong isang beses? hehe

yeah, mukhang napaaga yung intrams namin this school year. kailan ba yung sa inyo?


Ederic said...

Hang kulet nung mga bata. :lol:

Obnoxious Queer said...

I will be participating soon in Vlogging. Still waiting for Sony phone so I could make a video of my self! Why not? Next month pa eh!

Than-than said...

@kev: wahehe medyo kunting galang muna aku sa nakakatanda,and sa december pa

@ederic: actually,i just let them to perform ^_^ lols

@obnoxious queer: wow you will be making a vlog in video phone [hope you can have a nice capture]