Friday, November 30, 2007

The Album *Love Commercial*

Love Commercial, our one and only relative band :) so let me share their "[sample] album" they made...
i really like their skills in making an album mostly at the cover & design ^_^ so i will rate their album 8.7/10. hmmm the inside music is ok but the voice is the problem [kuya raymond] can't hear, not really...ok if you want to hear their songs just visit their Myspace/Love Commercial hope you like it!

The Staffs:
actually their drummer & the bassist made their album.
-Drums [Graphic Designing]
Glen - Bassist [Sounds]
Raymond - Guitar/Vocals
Romeo - Lead

Author's Comment
a big thanks for them for the supports...specially in the intruments what we need lols...
kuya jimmy, i envy your for the excellent skills in graphic designing and kuya glen at the bass skills ^_^

[more image album? click meh!]

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