Friday, November 2, 2007

Is this real? or not?

Nov. 1,2007 | All Soul's Day
me and my friends are tooking some pictures...hoping that we can saw some souls that were roaming around.

Note: Click the image then try to download [save the image],magnify it until you can specify if this is real or not...

...since this month is creepy and scary,i watch this video from esnips with my sister,now im afraid to go this site *laugh out loud*

Member's comment [from esnips] : "It's true. it's REALLY true not because I'm being frightened by the ghost, but because of the accident. It is also true that GHOSTS ARE REAL. The girl's energy did somewhat "stratch" up the camera, which nearly bust her out.Note for the drivers: Don't let a stranger enter your car."

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Webster Twelb said...

I don't think it's a ghost....

Your pic with ur friends..

Than-than said...

^_^ have you test to zoom it to specify if its true or not?