Tuesday, October 30, 2007

CokskiBlue Contest: uBlog, iVlog: “Pinoy Vlogging”

ok another contest from a pinoy vlogger,
now again im joining to make an article about "Pinoy Vlogging in the Philippine Context" :)
i thought that its only for vloggers...but its clearly says:
UPDATE! This blogging project is NOT EXCLUSIVE TO VIDEO BLOGS. You can write an article, record a podcast, do a vlog, or any permutation of the three.
[to read the rest of the ThisIsCoy's guidelines click here]

so these day,ill think what article i will make for that contest something :)
its hard to think mostly you will make a unique article about philippines.i join this project because its just part of my blog exposure,hope you understand me ^_^

oh by the way...at my next post [i don't know when] ill have some pics/photography for that article :D hope you like it!


Jerome C. Herrera said...
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Than-than said...

i replied you now :) thank you...

CokskiBlue said...

hi Than-Than! Thanks for promoting the campaign! By the way, the theme is Pinoy Vlogging in the Philippine Context. It could just be any short post about your views on Philippine Video Blogging. There are still great chances to win especially on the raffle draw.

I will be waiting for your entry. Thanks!

Coy of CokskiBlue


The link to my site is not correct. Hope you can change it. Thanks! :)

CokskiBlue said...

Sorry mejo redundant ata yung theme.. hehehe... Vlogging in the Philippine Context. :)

Than-than said...

lols ^_^ thank sa paalala~
i had noticed that but tinamad aku mag edit hahaha,nuung binasa ku ulit ung guidelines *was shocked* buti hindi pa aku gumagawa ng entry :)

thanks again *about the link :)*