Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rant: Envy...why!!!

i totally envy people around me and mostly at net...
why? on our neighbor i always hear the "Pokémon D/P Episodes" that they borrow from my friend so since i do not have a television and the pokemon d/p episodes is DVD format and i dont have a "DVD Rom" to my personal computer...

next...i was sufing then i saw the site[mutiply.com] one of the staff's albums from their "Pokémon TCG Legue Tournament"
why? i always see one of my the item i envy,a deck of a "Pokemon TCG Cards & Nintendo DS" darn it!

i think these days is full of Palanges...but the worst is i was blessed to have envy with others and i don't wanna covet it T_T i only say to my self "Than-than...you have time to get something"

i'd been trying to wake-up and i accept what life i have so now im crying when can my dreams come true :(

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