Sunday, October 28, 2007

A small change...

here...a big thanks to our Manager/Vocalist for giving me inspiration and trying me to be cheerful during & after practice :) so a little change to my banner and changing my quote
"Life is full of choices" i was very inspired about what he says lols.
so if you want to have my banner,so heres my banner...just click and download first before you apply it to your site/blog.
i would appreciate it if you use to use,just don't forget to linkback


parisukat said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can see you added your link on my list. Might as well do the favor of Adding mine to your blogroll.

xerendipity said...

Hi there! If you want your latest post to appear on my site, you can just leave a comment on my entries and once it is approved, you will notice that you latest entry on your site will be displayed below your comment! Isn't that a good trea? Try it! See yah@

Than-than said...

@parisukat: i have added you now,nice blog posts :)

@xerendipity: oh nice! ill try it next time :) no problem...i will