Friday, October 26, 2007

Having my next duty...

i just finished posting my blog about our gig,since next week is our "SemBreak" now im trying my self to have some rest & relaxation within one week.
about "PinoyBlogero's Oct. Pinoy Blog Contest" i wanna know how many blogger who votes me because since my last visit on i only have [1]one votes from my former classmate...lols

now a week after,i don't wanna know what is the result for my votes *because i expect that i still on for one vote out of 20+ voters* but i thank to my self for having enjoying blogging thru blogospere :)

next,about our band...
this day i just finished making our official website,as usual,this site will contain about our Gigs,Perform,Composes/Musics and etc.
but this site is still for maintenance due from our musics *we didn't still having our recording...*
We will have a girl vocalist on Sunday for audition,then on November,our next destination at the Queson City,Philippines :)

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Null 'n Void Official Website

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