Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our first GIG at the bar...

AL's Bar at Parañaque City,Philippines
i was really wasted after our band performance ^_^
but its successful that we made our audiences applause!
so let me introduce the members of the "Null & Void"

i took this video before we off go to the Bar *The AL'S Bar*

Now at the Bar....

10 pm now...since where the first will perform,i did feel nothing but the one of our bandmates are not in a good condition,so i decided to make him calm :) *the drummer because this is his second performance on the stage*

being a bassist,i was very disappointed and uncomfortable to my place being a bassist because i am not really playing a base guitar and i am on only at Rhythms *how sad*
but now,im trying to make straight forward still being a bassist...even though nobody likes my plaques and strums what im supporting for my band.

them after our perform...where off for foods yay!
while we are eating,we are watching the other bands to perform specially at "Lich" & "Love Commercial"
a big thanks for my self that i bought some "baon" rice because i know that their rice meal are too expensive!
i was enjoyed eating matching Beer and Viant ^_^ mostly at their french fries...thenks for Ate Girlie & Kuya Edward for their foods they buy,even its very expensive.
sorry if i dont have any pics from our performance but you can visit our friendster profile and have some sneak peek.

Wanna know for the next gigs?
visit AL's Bar Official Site...and by the way,since i promised to my bandmates that after the gig,ill make our official site for us so you can stay in touch about our next gigs and composes :)

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