Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rain never stops?

early morning,i was wearing my school uniform...
then suddenly...a hear a rain fall, so i start to prepare my big handkerchief for my protection *god! my umbrella is missing!*
until in the afternoon, the rain didn't stop and i noticed that at my view from the classroom window, i saw thick fogs and dark clouds blocking the sunlight...
when i go home, i took a picture in our street :)

Yay! our fish food for koyi!

a big thanks for mom that now she bought a fish food to our pet fish koi name "Koyi"

we fed this fish with a cooked rice since the his original food was missing *since 2 months ago* so me,my sister and our fish eats happily ever after!

...this month October,now we celebrate his 1st year living to us.
"Long live koyi!"

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