Friday, October 12, 2007

Just a past time...

yeah the day of our field trip...3:00 am i woke up because of our school service,i was very sad because i didn't join the field that day i was thinking what i can do for the whole day?
in the after noon me,family and my friend of my mom went to the mall *to have some groceries* while where in the mall,me and my friend machan went to a Guitar Store...theres a lot of electric guitars! and my favorite "Ibanes Guitar" we bought one set of acoustic guitar string & picks,and specially thanks to machan who treat me ^_^ next destination is the Comic Alley,i bought some metallic stickers *of course the images of pokemons :)* and the bleach logo i put it on my pick.

whew...i thought that my whole day will be full of boredom :) by the way,we went also at the arcade...and won ten tokens but it quickly disappears *hehehe we bet all tokens for the slots* but we've enjoyed!
so here i catch a picture from my new "Metal Pick & Acoustic Guitar Strings" whoooo! i can play again my guitar with a nicer strings...
evening,i saw our service arrived from school,hahaha i know on monday ill be quiet as a doll because of the all day topic is about their field on our 2nd periodical examination,i must make all of my subjects perfect because it will be the part of the examination :( but its been enjoyed also at the mall!

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