Sunday, November 25, 2007

PokeCraze at Philippines

now in Philippines, theres a lot of new Pokémon Stuffs are on for selling!
"those items are really expensive so i cannot afford any one of them lols..."

Pokémon Omnibus, Pokemon Gashapons, Pokémon Gacha, Pokemon TFG: Ground Breakers, and etc...

more pokemon fans are trying to prepare their money to collect those newly items here in our country ^_^ mostly at the TCG Players are saving their money for the new Pokémon TCG: Secret Wonders Deck.

for me, im so happy for that but the sad is where i can find some money to buy my precious "wanna-items" i don't have allowance to save with T__T i only have PHP100 at my wallet to save it for my whole year school projects, i have PHP300 from my ATM to buy my grooming items *oh my pimples* specially the personals (>_<) darn it! ok...back again, i noticed that some PKMN-ph Staffs are on for the newly items, so heres their articles:

"... And just when you thought that my last post was the end of my MAJOR Pokemon stuff update... there's more!!! Very Happy

I've spotted Pokemon T-shirts in the SM Marilao Department Store (Anyone from Bulacan or frequents Bulacan often, like me?!), in the Character Shop section, of course. They're 180-200 pesos each. Unfortunately, the shirts are, as expected, kiddie-sized. I'm guessing the sizes are for 8-12 year old boys... Sorry, female Pokefans, I didn't see any pink or girly Pokemon T-shirts. BTW, they are all Ash, Pikachu or Ash and Pikachu designs.

There's another kind of Pokemon Gashapon in SM Marilao's Toy Kingdom. Based from the poster in front of the capsule machine, this Gashapon rolls out translucent keychains that can be lighted up. Pokemon designs available are Pikachu, Palkia, Croagunk, Piplup and some 2 or 4 others I cannot remember. You need 2 tokens, or 100 pesos, to purchase one of these.

So, there are at least 4 kinds (these does not include variations) of Pokemon Gashapons in the Philippines, namely the "connect-the-figure", keychain with Pokeball, transclucent keychain and digital watch/ keychain. Of course, there are shirts arpund as well. Let's hope stores start selling sizes for the older audience."


PokéCollecting by: PKMN-ph Reniel



Webster Twelb said...

than-than..taga san ka ba? Nakapunta ka ba sa divisoria lately..grabe ang daming collectibles na pokemon na laruan...ung maliliit na basta un..gusto ko nga sna bumili eh..kaya lang madyado n ata akong matanda para sa pokemon..

sobrang mura nya lang less than 15 pesos ang isa..nakita ko un sa sM manila 50 pesos ang isa..pero sobrang liit lang!

Than-than said...

noon lang aku nakapunta aku divisoria...
yup, at divisoria are very cheap in coming of toys & collectibles.
i just want to know if it is original *just asking medyo "Mitykoloso" aku pag dating sa pokemon stuffs*

glad your back for giving comment :)

Webster Twelb said...

I bookmarked you para madali po kitang mapuntahan.

Ndi ako tiwala sa mga tinitinda sa divisoria..I just thought you might like it. But I guess isa ka dun sa mga to the next level na collector..

Syempre nga naman if something cost cheap at ndi original at gawang China walang value un..but then again...maybe if you buy something pagkalipas ng 20 years..ung 15 pesos mo...bka mga 500 na un kasi wla ng ganung makikita..

Cguro tingnan mo nalang kung ganun talaga ung itsura ng pokemon na un..mamya mo parang nagmerge ung itsura ni Raichu at ni Charmeleon o kaya ni Psyduck at ni Farfetch'd


Than-than said...

oh...sorry if i say something T__T
sinisiguradu ku lang po :)
so since i realize that na pinatunayan mu nga...

back to topic~
can i know ung sinasabi mung P15-P50 ay ung pokemon gacha/gashapon?

kailan nyu lang po nakita un?

Webster Twelb said...

i'm so outdated na sa pokemon kaya di me sure..balde balde ung pokemon nila at di ko nakita..

15 pesos ung mabi2li sa divisoria na miniature na pokemons. Di ko nga masyadong kilala ung mga pokemon na tinitinda nila eh..cguro un na ung cnasbi mo..

50 pesos ung nabibili sa mall na parang kapareho nung nasa divisoria. I forgot ung name ng store..ung ung store na nag-specialize sa mga anime..

xenxa na masyado me outdated..

Than-than said...

its ok even you na hindi ka masyadong updated about pokemon ^_^ but you give a good small info *smiles*

...i think ung sinasabi mu na P15 sa divisoria ay sa store na "Comic Alley" parang ung sinasabi mu dun ay ang P50...i think your right,kasi last na punta ku dun ay sinuri ku ung P60 & P110 figurines ay hindi maganda ung quality ng kulay and hindi maayus ung pag-kakakulay >_< siguro un nga!

btw,apology from what i say from the start

Webster Twelb said...

actually maraming stores sa divisoria and nagtitinda ng mga pokemon miniatures..mostly nakita ko un sa 168..

Ang mahal naman nyang cnasbi mo..

Eto ang pinakamagandang tip:

Mag-ipon ka ng pera..tapos pag may enough ka na para makapunta ng Japan at pang-shopping don then go...

dun cguro maraming nagtitinda ng pokemon stuff..

pero alam mo..ang pinakagusto ko talaga ay magkaron ng POKEDEX..mero k b nun?

Than-than said...

wah! japan!?
ouch hope it could be simple to go there...
yes, napaka mura talaga ng bentahan ng pokemon stuffs & consoles sa japan *dahil dun nagsimula ang pokemon*

it would be nice...if i can hide money for that, but i must learn "Japanese" and pocket money ^_^

pero alam mo..ang pinakagusto ko talaga ay magkaron ng POKEDEX..mero k b nun?
~since i was young, yun talaga pinapangarap ku >_< grabe gustu ku talaga nun, and merun na yatang labas d2 ung pinakabagong pokedex?

if you want to buy some...i think merun sa mga toy stores mostly at toy kingdom :)

Webster Twelb said...

Pag na-afford ko na, i will.

Di mo kelangan matutong mag-Japanese...kelangan lang marunong ka ng hand gestures...magkakaintindihan na kayo dun..

Than-than said...

^_^ lovely! nakakaintindi naman kami nun no? nakakatuwa naman *grins* medyo malabu aku makipag interpret kapag sa personal na.

ok sir.webstertwelb i think this "post topic" will be closed :) thanks for giving comments!

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