Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Opening & My Day

Still Having a Problem...
...weeks past,now blog is now again re-open ^_^ yay!
but i have many problems to finish these days,i cannot apply my new layout for my blog so i use my blog layout banner to makes me satisfied *45% satisfied* so about my unrevealing layout,its very simple but im not very satified that i only use my banner :( so a months of learning CSS...out of 10 i only learn 2/10 so i decicded to stop *because i know that i cannot learn it* when one of my friends uses pure HTML from her blog,i start again to review HTML all of the parts of HTML to finish my darn layout T_T

Happy Birthday to me!
Now its Sept.20 im now celebrating my 15th birthday on the net *i dont wanna know to them because we do not have money to spend for handaan* i make my own b-day banner to celebrate my 1st year in PKMN-ph/Pokemon-PH being a loyal member and a Pokemon Fan ^_^

hehehe heres also my wishlist :D
  • -Pok√©mon Keychain
  • -A Deck of Pokemon Cards
  • -Ibanez Elec. Guitar
  • -Nintendo DS
  • -MP3 built in storage
  • -and a Good Normal Life :)
...i also thank for the people who greet me and thanks for my enemies who are "Back Teasers" hehehe peace :D oh and my friends thanks for you help and infos ^_^ god bless you all! lols!

Before B-day...

well...before the day of my birthday,i have an extreme cough & runny nose,i do not drink some medicine *hehehe i know im strong lols* at our school i cannot concentrate at my reviews for our last day examination at English Literature & World World History im not on the mood to review so i try to force myself to review *so i only read all the notes,but i didn't remember it...*
i know that my Nanay Thelma will came to oour house to greet me and to give me some Handa for my birthday tommorow...i really thank for my Nanay because since i was young,she always taking care of me *i think i was too spoiled?* a big THANKS for my nanay...
*nanay...salamat po sa iyong ibinigay na special cake,wahehehe Red Ribbon pa lols ,you are my #1 nanay for me and thanks for the gift you gave for me...hope lagi pa rin po kayu simusuporta sa amin :) thanks again because you still remember the day of celebrating my birthday...* a big kiss & hug for you :D
BTW...i forgot! thanks also for the Beef Stake you gave ^_^ sarap! and thanks to my mom who cook my fave!

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